Enclave…. The rough draft is done!

Hello All,

I’m excited to say that after 15 hours of writing, I have finally been able to type the greatest 2 words ever… The End!

I’ve completed the rough draft of my fantasy adventure, Enclave. It’s far from ready for general consumption, though. I have a whole lot of editing and rewrites a head of me. But I thought I needed help along the way. Trying to fit in writing and work, well, it’s tough.

Especially since I work with hospital patients and I get called all night long….

So I hired an editor and task master… I mean coach, to help me achieve my goals. Comfort Services, owned by Hilary Ritz, will be editing my work and making sure I’m on track.

You see, I have this crazy notion of finishing this book up and getting another one done by November 2014…. Crazy, right?

So I have to rewrite a bunch of the first half of Enclave. Then I need to polish the whole thing and get it ready for my editor, Hilary and get it ready to send off to a few beta readers. That’s not much time!!!!

Today, after work, I outlined the changes I want to make to the first half of the book. Now, I’ve told myself that I would write the first chapter. TONIGHT! I’ve gotten 514 words done so far, but I wanted to update you all on my progress.

Enclave is the working title of a new fantasy trilogy. I hope you enjoy it.

Wish me luck!


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