Getting Ready for ApolloCon, Houston TX 2014

It’s the day before ApolloCon and I’m getting ready for a very busy few days! I’m very excited to meet the Guest of Honor David Gerrold.

Here is my schedule of events, in case any of you are free to come by:

Medical Concepts in Science Fiction Our panel of medical professionals will discuss how to make your story’s references to medicine and public health more realistic, whether you’re writing modern day, ancient history, epic fantasy, or far-future science fiction. Dr. Dominick D’Aunno Fri  6 PM Tucson
How Science Fiction Changed my Life How did science fiction change your life? Did it help you find your career, or open up your circle of friends?  What about your personal trajectory seems to have been most influenced by your love of the genre? Professionals in several different fields speak up. Dr. Dominick D’Aunno (M) Fri  8 PM Seattle I
bad boys vs good guys Are bad boys and villains really more interesting and fun to write? Are good guys boring? Is it possible for a character to be too good to be believed? Too bad to be redeemed? Our panelists will take on this eternal debate. Dr. Dominick D’Aunno (M) Sat   10 AM Seattle II
The Craft of Writing Sit down with some writers and critiquers to discuss what makes good prose. How do you choose the words to tell your story? What are some tricks and tips for expressing emotions or translating action to the page? How does language influence the story you are telling, and how can we manipulate language to give us the outcome we desire? Dr. Dominick D’Aunno Sat  1 PM Seattle II
In Conversation with David Gerrold Author Guest of Honor David Gerrold discusses whatever comes to his mind or our moderator’s, in this hour highlighting his life and work. Dr. Dominick D’Aunno (M) Sat  2 PM Seattle I
Liar’s Panel Which ones are lying? Which ones are telling the truth? In the spirit of “two truths and a lie,” or “tall tales,” we challenge our Guests of Honor to come up with the most entertaining whoppers they can, and the audience to vote on who they think is most truthful!  We may never know for sure. Dr. Dominick D’Aunno (M) Sat  5 PM Seattle II
The New Star Wars Are you excited about the new upcoming Star Wars movie? How about the seemingly endless novels or the cartoons? Panelists try their hand at predicting new developments and speculate about stories to come as Disney expands the Star Wars film franchise. Dr. Dominick D’Aunno Sun   11 AM Seattle I

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