ComicPalooza 2014 Houston Texas

I’m very excited. We just received our schedules for programs at this year’s ComicPalooza in Houston Texas (

Take a look at the whole schedule. There are so many interesting programs to attend! I hope to see most of them. The list of actors and artists is also very impressive.

Here are the programs that I will be involved with this year.

The Habits of Good Writers:

Kevin J. Anderson, Pamela Fagan Hutchins, Dominick D’Aunno

Friday 4 PM-6 PM Panel Room 370 C


No Holds Barred Critique Workshop

Leo King, Shannon Winton, Dominick D’Aunno

Saturday 3 PM-6PM Panel Room 360 C


Genesis of Creation: Where We Get Our Ideas

Jason Kristopher, George Wright Padgett, Shannon Winton, Dominick D’Aunno

Sunday 10 AM-12 PM Panel Room 352

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